Genetic Testing

Pathway OME DNA Tests Help You Understand YOU

It’s 2019, so how do you stay healthy this year? Don’t think of 2019 as a resolution, but your personal plan to living your best life ever based specifically on your genes.

Most people go through years of trial and error before figuring out what is best for their unique metabolism and body type. By using the power of your DNA, we at Pathway have created tests to act as a blueprint to help you understand what your body is made for at the most fundamental level possible. A recent article written by Emily Campbell on features that nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition has been looked at since the early 2000s. However, continued research is uncovered each day.

By looking at your DNA you are able to obtain insight on how your genes influence your body’s daily activity, intake of food, etc. By understanding your genes, you will better be able to take the actions to hit your goals for 2019. Below are two options from Pathway that target either your skincare or wellness goals this year.